TDS Lifecycle

Our Approach

Our Approach

The primary strengths of the TDS turnaround model are its strong research base, its experience with schools serving high concentrations of students placed at risk, its ability to influence the culture of an organization through intensive support, and customized professional learning that builds capacity.

The use of research based predictive indicators helps teacher teams to identify and intervene with students as soon as they begin to demonstrate any off track indicator for on-time promotion and graduation. School teams design systems that disaggregate and analyze data to identify subsets of students who are demonstrating off track indicators. Teams engage in root cause analysis then prototype and test solutions that improve outcomes for all students.



Foundations of Equity

TD aims to dismantle systemic, institutional, historical inequities that limit or prevent access to high quality public education for all by:

  • Utilizing the Leading for Equity Framework from the National Equity Project to customize our evidence-based framework
  • Committing to equity and anti-racism and beliefs in student, educator, family, and community agency
  • Centering equity in our actions and decision-making
  • Seeking to invite the voices and experiences of students and communities that we serve intentionally establishing school, district, and state partnerships where outcomes of subgroups of students are significantly lower than their peers
  • Analyzing student outcome data disaggregated by race, ethnicity, special education status, gender, sexual orientation, and multilingual learners
  • Encouraging and teaching our partners to redesign structures and processes to consciously redistribute power across role groups and institutions
  • Co-creating with and not for others — we invite, engage, and design solutions and co-produce knowledge in partnership.